For those of you who have ever canned or made juice, you may be in the habit of letting the jar cool down in some certain way.  When our nanny was helping us make cherry juice, she kept telling us to “let it stand” for several weeks – meaning, let it be – don’t touch.  The cherries had to have time to infuse the water and make the juice as delicious as possible.

This may be a crass illustration, but I found myself thinking about how we need to just soak in His Word and Voice to us.  A lot of times, I wouldn’t say that I just “let it stand” – I’m usually on a schedule, or in a time crunch to get through reading and praying.  I love the idea of letting His Words seep into our lives, deeply infusing our life.  Would you pray for our team and those around you– that all of us would have times of this during the summer months?