Team Green began in 2011 with a vision of seeing people encounter the living Christ in a personal way and be wholly transformed by His love and made into effective disciples of Christ which then form communities of faith.

We believe it is through relationships that people will encounter Christ.  Our desire is to establish relationships that can bear the weight of truth and be a catalyst to many coming to know Christ.  As relationships develop we plan to take active steps toward leading those relationships to truth sharing opportunities.

We want to proclaim to the people that God is alive and deeply cares for each person.  Our desire is for all to see Him in a new fresh way.

We believe God wants to have a personal relationship with all people.  He desires none to perish.  Though we may call people to study about Christ within groups, we desire to see people take a personal step in their walk as well.

We not only desire people to come to know Christ, but to be completely transformed by who Christ is.  As they encounter the living Christ in a personal way, we trust they will become a new person and that this change is obvious to those around them and so becomes a catalyst for others meeting Christ.

Through this process, we will create communities of faith where believers can gather together and grow as they worship the living Christ.  We will come along side the existing churches by helping people be renewed in their relationship with God and fostering this renewed passion to lead to a revival within the church and nation.