Fall has come to our city.  You can feel it in the crisp morning air, you can see it in the change from sandals to boots, and you can see it in the leaves as they are just beginning to turn to a beautiful golden yellow.  We are excited for the changes that are occurring and the ones that will come of which we are not yet aware.  

A few changes have happened already for our children and for Steve and I.  The kids have settled into their school and are making friends with other students from, literally, all over the world.  There have been challenges, but there have also been encouraging signs along the way.  Steve and I have completed four weeks of language instruction.  This has also come with challenging and encouraging moments.  We have learned some verbs and quite a few phrases.  The ladies that work at our corner grocery store are so patient and encouraging as we attempt to try our new language.  

Too often my tendency is to shy away from change, but God continues to bring us to the place where He wants us to see that He is indeed enough for… (fill in the blank)… Whatever the situation, problem, or challenge: He is enough.  Thankfully He is patient with us as we learn to trust Him more and more.  May the changes He brings this next week bring us back to Him.