Dead Ends


Have you ever gotten yourself in a pickle? Or a jam?  With a single wrong turn, what should have been a 30 minute errand turned into a potential disaster. I drove away chastising myself. I know that things always take longer here, that parking is going to be an issue, and that I will almost assuredly need to come up with and initiate plans b, c, d, e, and possibly f to accomplish my task.  And yet, here I was–on a dead end street. I had been here before–not in this specific location, but in this situation.  The way was extremely narrow–cars behind mine and others trying to squeeze through the too small space to continue on their way. I’d like to say that I handled it all with grace and smiles, but I didn’t. However, even in my frustration and fear, God gave me a glimpse of something–the hearts of the people around me. Not one, not two, but four people helped me. They guided me, they encouraged me, and in the end they got me out of a sticky situation. It took some time for me to see the gift that He had given me, but it was there. He’s always there turning dead ends into hope.


  1. It’s just like us and just like HIM

  2. God, Jesus has helped me , saved me out of sooo many helpless situations in my life.! To God be the glory forever!

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