There is a year long outdoor flea market here in our city. It is a mix between a yard sale, antique sale, and art show. There are all sorts of goodies to find. Us newbies took an afternoon to explore the market and see what treasures we could find. We have found that every item or art piece has a story behind it. We could stumble upon some gear used in one of the great wars, a teacup that has been passed down for generations, or a piece of artwork that a famous artist has slaved over for weeks or months. We could just walk past the “wares” and take it at it’s first impression or we can spend some time talking with the seller to get a better grasp on the history. Just like the goods at the flea market, the people here all have a story, We could walk past lady on the street, or the neighbor in our building and not know their story, it takes us asking. People here don’t just open up to you, it takes time, and knowing the language helps. Challenge yourself, just as we do everyday, to look past the first impression and see what history is to be learned.