Friday Extra: Welcome!

This summer, a few of our team families went out of the city to a nearby swimming pool. We felt very welcome as we enjoyed time together, fresh air, and a chance to relax and enjoy this beautiful country.

It has been too long since we welcomed you to Green Mountains! While it was necessary to cancel upcoming short-term team visits, those decisions were made with heavy hearts. Our team anticipates the day when we can once again welcome visitors to this place.


  1. Would love to visit Green Mts. but too old now. Praying for you and trusting God will give you the desires of your heart!

  2. This pandemic is taking its toll all over the world. Praying the end is near and glad that you had some time of relaxation.

  3. Looks wonderful here, relaxing, except your grass is as dry as ours in PA

    • One should join us in Fl where the rains comes at least twice a day! But you would also have to enjoy the great humidity! Not complaining just being realistic! (smile)

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