Friday Extra: Wings and Peace

Recently, we introduced a friend from the Middle-East to buffalo chicken wings–he’s a fan! (Picture above: used oil to be discarded). During the conversation, he quickly began talking about the death, destruction, and chaos he experienced as a young boy living in a country at war and occupied by a foreign military. The trauma continues for him 20 years later.

So many people here in GM, across our region, and around the world have been or are being impacted by war. As we continue to minister to this friend and others in the coming weeks, please pray that they will experience the Prince of Peace and find true healing. 

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  1. Connor Durochia

    May 7, 2022 at 10:23 am

    Oh how often Jesus uses a meal to be an avenue for the gospel. Praying the Prince of Peace would be present in an powerful way.

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