Friday Extra: Would You Rather–GM Edition

Just last week I asked our family, “Would you rather live without internet, water, or electricity for 24 hours?” Everyone unanimously agreed- internet! And that losing water is the worst!

The question was not exactly hypothetical— our internet had been out for about 16 hours. And as luck would have it, this morning we woke up to a small river in our street and parking lot due to a busted water pipe. Realizing it was only a matter of time before the water company turned off the water supply to our building to repair the line, we quickly showered, brushed teeth, and filled all available pitchers and bottles with water. 

I am grateful for utilities that are dependable the majority of the time. And for those days when they go out unexpectedly, we try to be prepared, laugh, and accept the inconveniences with grace.

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  1. It’s so good to hear from you and all that God is doing in your endeavors. Speaking of camp we are on our way to DL.

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