Fun Fact Friday: Mighty Fortress


In the heart of the old city, a 4th century fortress is perched on a hill above the sulfur baths.  I have countless times climbed up on the walls of this fortress and looked out over the city.  I imagine Jesus standing above Jerusalem crying out for the people there as I pray for God to pour His blessings and His revelation upon the people.  This fortress is one of many stops on the city tour that I often lead for teams that come and visit our country.  In November, we hosted groups that partner with us from Iowa and Vermont.  It was incredible to share our love for the people, have them experience our life, and take them on tours of the country.  We trust that the trip was a blessing to them as it was for us.


  1. The trip as a huge blessing. Thanx for your great hospitality!

  2. It sure was! Thanks so much. Praying for you and all you are doing.
    Blessings, Andy

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