Fun Fact Friday: The Gas Lady


The gas meters in each of our apartments are located, not-so-conveniently, out on our balconies.  This creates a difficult job for the meter readers that have to knock on doors and try to catch people at home in order to read the meter.  Some locals tell hilarious stories of trying to avoid the meter readers so they don’t have to pay their gas bills…but everyone eventually has to pay what is due or your gas will be turned off by the city.
Our “gas lady” has often left her contact info on our door and asked us to call her with the numbers.  Last month I tried a new system and simply took a photo of the meter and sent it to her.  She immediately texted back, “GOOD IDEA!  Thanks.”

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  1. Gladys & Robert Treichel

    January 30, 2018 at 5:24 pm

    Great solution! That works!

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