For less than the equivalent of $.30, we can pick up a loaf of traditional, fresh-baked flatbread called “shoti.”  It is a delicious addition to any meal!  We recently heard that friends of the team, Max and Diane from Nashua, Iowa, tried making their own shoti!  We were excited to see the pictures of a successful shoti-making experience.
2007-01-01 12.00.56-1
From Max:
“I finally had time to try making some shoti bread and take some pictures.  I think I need to bake it longer to get the good color.  The bread was done enough to eat, it just didn’t have the color.  We thought it would be good with stew or soup or maybe as a pulled pork sandwich.  We tried it while it was warm spread with butter which was good also.  I used a convection oven set at 475F to bake the bread.”
 Way to go, Max and Diane!!  Thanks for the creative way you encouraged us and are praying for us.  We appreciate you!!
2007-01-01 12.01.37-3