Prayer Point: Howdy, Neighbor!

I often sit by this window at the center and watch the people go by. Life in this neighborhood is chaotic and never ceases to provide entertainment to the casual people onlooker. However, many times I think, “Looking is not enough, I need to DO something!” Pray with me as we consider how we can connect with the people in our direct neighborhood in a meaningful way. 


  1. Exactly my heart’s prayer for me/my church,Team Green and Christians everywhere! Ask about PAC’s (in northwest Ohio) “Operation Christmas Cookie s!”

  2. I often do that too, at airports or the mall, . Often starting a conversation without introduction. Not careing for formality.

  3. Praying

  4. Only God knows how to reach that neighborhood with its concentration and barriers…and only God can make a way so that we all stand back and marvel at His hand and all glory will be given to Him!

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