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Friday Extra: Wings and Peace

Recently, we introduced a friend from the Middle-East to buffalo chicken wings–he’s a fan! (Picture above: used oil to be discarded). During the conversation, he quickly began talking about the death, destruction, and chaos he experienced as a young boy living in a country at war and occupied by a foreign military. The trauma continues for him 20 years later.

So many people here in GM, across our region, and around the world have been or are being impacted by war. As we continue to minister to this friend and others in the coming weeks, please pray that they will experience the Prince of Peace and find true healing. 

Prayer Point: The Living Word

The Bible is the powerful, living word of God. Many people in GM, though they would call themselves Christians, have never read it for themselves. There is a prevalent lie, often perpetuated by religious leaders, that only priests can understand scripture.

However, we know that not all priests agree–some encourage their parishioners to read. Please pray for them, and for an increase in their numbers.

Also, please pray for K and A, two English students who recently took home copies of the book of John (written in both their heart language and English). Neither of them have ever read the Bible, and when offered the books, they were both very excited. Pray that their eyes would be opened to the truth of who God is, and what it means to have life in Him. Looking forward to hearing what they thought when we meet next week!

Fun Fact Friday: A Jar for Every Occasion

Prayer Point: International Student Conference

On Saturday nights, we host and lead a hangout for international students from various religious backgrounds. We love this group of young people, and have wanted to host a weekend conference with them for a long time. It’s finally happening! Please be praying for our time together May 6-8 as we continue conversations about identity, and have more time and space to sit together, eat together, laugh together, and share the love of Jesus in whatever ways the Holy Spirit leads. May God open these minds and hearts to Jesus. Thank you for standing with us!

Fun Fact Friday: Red Friday

Red eggs–symbolizing the blood of Christ, freshly grown grass, and special, once-a-year cakes are just a few of the beautiful and rich Easter traditions in GM.

Prayer Point: Psalm 24:7-10

Please continue to pray these verses over GM–God is always working!

Happy Easter!

Good Friday?

Today is Good Friday in many parts of the world, but not in GM. Orthodox Easter falls on a different weekend. However, even on April 22, it won’t be Good Friday in GM. That’s because the Friday before Orthodox Easter is called Red Friday in honor of the blood that Jesus shed. On that day, Easter eggs are dyed red using a root and often red onion peels saved throughout the year.

Even though “Good Friday” isn’t a thing here, it is a great conversation starter and testimony. Most people can’t understand why the day that we observe the crucifixion of Jesus would be called good, and we are thankful for the opportunity to explain the great gift given. Please pray that the seeds planted through these conversations would grow into lives transformed by that very blood–Jesus’ death and then His resurrection.

Prayer Point: Requests

As we enter spring, some of our friends are experiencing dark days of illness and grief. Please pray for a student, “D”, who was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer. Chemo treatments are causing him to be very ill, and we are praying for full healing for him. We were also very encouraged to hear him share that when someone knows Jesus, they don’t need to be afraid of death.

Another friend, “N”‘s mom died very unexpectedly from multiple aneurisms. As I sat with her at the home visitation, she shared that she can’t believe it has happened. Her deep pain and grief is evident. Please pray for her heart to be protected from bitterness, and that she will experience God’s deep comfort, peace, and grace during this time.

Friday Extra: Bible Studies

Last week we hosted two Bible studies in our home–one on Wednesday evenings and one on Saturday mornings. As people are searching for answers, we want to offer safe spaces for reading together and asking questions. We had a great mix of believers and non-believers, different religious backgrounds, friends from GM and other countries (international students) join together to read Psalm 19. Please pray for seeds from the living word of God to be planted in these hearts, for the message of Jesus to be clear, and for lives to be changed. We know that God is always working!

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