After a recent team meeting, I noticed something interesting. Do you see it? Each of us chose a patterned coffee cup, and left the clear  ones behind. I interpreted this as a sign that we are a fun and lively bunch. 🙂 However, it also served as a great reminder that it’s good to step back periodically, and look for patterns in our lives (good and bad). With the Holy Spirit’s help, and the promise of new mercies every day, we can pursue life-giving, Christ-like living with joy and confidence. 


  1. The clear ones on the other hand could represent transparency and seeking clarity in God’s leadership in our lives.

  2. I noticed that the handles were in the same direction- all right > just like the work you do! 🙏🏻

  3. That is a good reminder; to evaluate the patterns in our lives. Those patterns also remind me that each one of us is different and we should keep those differences in mind as we live and minister together.

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