Prayer Point: Allergy Season!

Would you pray for us during this allergy season?  For some of us, it has been almost unbearable!  After talking to a nurse at the pharmacy, this is one of the nose sprays we bought. Unfortunately, the writing on this box is not a language I have learned (Russian). We often have to use google translate to figure out what we just bought and then we read more on the directions and how to use it! This can be daunting, but we are thankful that we have access to most medications we have needed.  
Another quick story that happened recently was when the school nurse called us to let us know that there was a measle outbreak here.  Our daughter didn’t have the MMR booster yet and the school would not allow her to attend until she had updated her vaccine.  Although this vaccine has not always been available in the past, we were so thankful that the first place we called had it in stock and we were able to take care of it that afternoon!

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  1. I will be praying for you all during this season. It can be close to unbearable.

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