Prayer Point: Creative Income

One of our students has had difficulty finding a regular income to provide for his wife and daughter.  We recently sat down with this couple and had an opportunity to pray words of blessing over them and challenge him to be bold and creative.  In response to that time we spent together, he recently came up with the idea to make cement candle holders and try to sell them.  He recently delivered several candleholders from his first batch and we are encouraged to see him taking an active approach to the problem of unemployment instead of being passive like so many in this context.  Pray for him along with his wife and daughter that they would find meaningful employment and understand their unique dignity and value as precious children of the King!


  1. That is encouraging. I found it hard to ministry in a country dealing with high levels of poverty for many reasons. One of those reasons was because there was very little possibility for incomes that would support daily expenses. So, this students attempt is to be applauded.

  2. Praying for all of you! May God bless your efforts greatly.

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