Prayer Point: Discernment and Courage

Sometimes in ministry you can get so caught up in the “routine” and miss some of the new things God may be calling you to take part in. Please join us, as our team is actively asking God for discernment to see any new doors He is opening, and then to have the courage to step through them!


  1. Will be praying. We all need to know what doors to walk through even in our old age. Just this am I was praying that prayer.

  2. Yes so very important! Praying God will make it clear what doors to walk through and what ones to pass by at this time.

  3. Don’t you think that there are times when that “new thing” sounds daunting? Starting a new ministry can look like a mountain to climb. Then, you climb that mountain and realize that it wasn’t so difficult and there are tremendous opportunities ahead! Praying for you.

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