Prayer Point: For the Creative to Know the Creator

Art is so important in this culture, and it is a joy to see all of the different ways that our local friends express themselves. From jewelry making to painting, there is an abundance of creativity and ingenuity here. This leaf painting is by one of our favorite artists, Zaza, and we recently had an opportunity to hear a little about his story. Since teammates first met him over five years ago, he has become well known in other countries too. Zaza shared that he has actually been stopped at borders due to the suspicious amount of leaves in his trunk! Please pray for this talented man to know his Creator, and to find true peace, hope, and healing.


  1. Will be praying. Awesome talent endowment

  2. This is our heart cry for this country. We marvel at what man has done, but miss marveling at the most amazing artist and our personal redeemer.

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