Prayer Point: Hope Restored

Sand-filled “troughs” hold candles that are burned during prayers at the local churches. Usually well-tended, this one caught my attention with its heaps of melted wax, sand, and candle nubs. The local language has a verb form that translates something like this, “I hope, but I don’t really think it will happen.” It seems like these candles may be speaking those same sentiments… “I hope, but…”. My own heart often echoes that as well. But, we serve a God who is faithful and certain and a promise keeper. Please pray that our friends will know His true character, and that their hope will be in Him and Him alone. 


  1. Very well written. This is a challenging truth for me as well – putting my faith in Him and Him alone. Your post was an encouragement to me. Thank you!

  2. So glad for the photo! Not sure what I imagined, but now it’s clear! Thank you for all that you & your family do for God’s Kingdom!
    I will continue to pray that your friends will come to now Jesus and place their hope & trust in Him!…and to God be all the glory!

  3. May the reality of Luke 24 – The men who had lost hope were walking to Emmaus and then…Jesus showed up, revealed Himself and their hope was renewed! May they know the hope in believing the truth about our saving Lord!

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