Prayer Point: Invitations

Recently, I’ve extended invitations that were either declined, or put off (maybe, oh I can’t, I’m sorry—you know the drill.) That’s hard, however, I’m so encouraged by the example of Jesus. He didn’t arrive, declare his identity, and then sit back and watch. Jesus was constantly making invitations to people–to eat together, to pray together, to follow him, to be forgiven, to be healed, to question their long-held beliefs, to step out in faith, to be delivered, to life, and on and on it goes. He has left us here as His Holy Spirit inspired invitation makers, and even though we will hear no’s there will also be yes’s, and what did Jesus say about the one?

What invitations is the Holy Spirit leading you to make? Have you asked? Let’s pray for one another–that we will be invitation-makers like Jesus.

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  1. Thanks for the reminder of how important the invite is- I’m planning on inviting my neighbor Margaret I just met over for coffee. May He continue to give you boldness & patience as you extend invites- appreciate you❣️

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