Prayer Point: Is This Compass Working?






During a pit stop on a mountain drive we pulled over to take in the scenery.  It was an established area and had some rustic places to sit; it even had a little stand to buy some coffee (left).  While we were stretching our legs, we saw this compass (right) and LOVED the idea that someone had decided to make one!  It didn’t take but one or two minutes to realize this was only a decoration. Without magnets and the correct dial, we didn’t really know what direction we were facing. What a great illustration of our life and the Compass we choose to live by!  Will you pray for our team as we move forward this year – that we would be clearly listening and watching our Compass to see which direction He is leading?  


  1. Praying.

  2. OH ! that God would move thru out this land !

  3. Great illustration. Pray for all of you daily and for the clear leading of the One who is always pointing in the right direction. Bless you all!! -Jack and Diana

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