Prayer Point: Leadership Institute

This last Monday we hosted a leadership seminar for locals on the subject of feedback in the workplace. Several of our higher level English speakers attended the seminar and it was very interesting to hear from them on this subject. In short, the giving and receiving of good feedback seemed like a rarity in most jobs. One man even mentioned how he worked so hard at his job and was proud of what he did, only to be fired the next day and not given a reason. Another talked about how she wanted to make a change in her workplace and be open to giving and receiving feedback in a positive way. Overall it was an interesting discussion and an example of a different way to pour into the lives of people here.  Please pray for the Leadership Institute branch of the center as we strive to not only lead good discussions and coach locals in various areas of their lives, but also to show God’s love through our words and actions to people who are open to life changes.


  1. Keep up the Good work

  2. Sounds like the conversation would have been interesting and stretching. It was admirable that you were willing to take it on.

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