Prayer Point: One Mediator


Although this church is older than anything in America, it is still in use –often holding weddings and tours (many people from other countries visit here) at the same time. There is a clear contrast between this newer icon and the older, faint murals on the walls behind it.  Someone had taken the time to light the candle in front of her picture.

This is very typical of church walls in this city.  Many times, the icons are of Mary, like this one.  Others may be of Saint Andrew, Saint Matthew, or Saint Peter.  They are all said to hold different blessings, especially for someone that has their namesake.  This is part of the lie that has been given to the people here–that these Saints are needed to intervene, on our behalf, to God.  We only need one Mediator!  Would you pray that people would stop and think about who they are praying to?


  1. Praying that the veil of darkness be lifted by Jesus!

  2. When we ministered in Latin America I often thought about this and the lies people were taught in their national faith. It is sad. But we have His Hope to declare to them!

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