Prayer Point: Open Doors

Please pray for the people of GM who are feeling the weight of war in our region. As we gathered with friends recently, we heard the same sentiments that we’re hearing almost daily from students.

“I’m angry.”

“We will be next.”

“What can we do?”

“I’m reliving everything from our own war(s).”

“We need to do more to help our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.”

In fact, the occupier is continuously causing problems here. In the last weeks, one of our own occupied regions was offered dual citizenship by that country. To the south of GM, a contested area of land is once again being fought over. The conflict re-started when an unsubstantiated claim of force was made, and R sent its “peacekeepers” in that region to “help.”

Thousands of people from the country to the north have fled to GM, and rent prices are skyrocketing here along with tensions as many see this as another sort of “invasion.” We are also beginning to see more refugees arriving from Ukraine, and individuals and organizations alike are working to meet needs both here and there.

Please continue to pray for peace, and for open hearts. We see that people are searching for hope and peace, and we want to be ready to respond.


  1. Robert and Gladys Treichel

    April 7, 2022 at 6:43 pm

    We are keeping everyone in our prayers

  2. We are praying!

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