Prayer Point: Questions Allowed

Two students, that we met through the international student hangout that we host, asked to meet with us to discuss God. (Praise Him! He works in His time and in His way!) As we sat together, they shared their personal journeys of searching. They had questions, and when we shared that we sometimes have questions too, they really opened up. For years, in their home countries, they have been told NOT to ask questions–to just follow. They verbalized how different it was to be told that questions are ok and even welcomed.

Let’s be people who are ok with questions, because we see in scripture that God is ok with questions. Let’s be willing to share our own “Whys?” or “Hows?” with those that God brings our way knowing that He is working. Praise God–He is working! Please pray for H and A as He works in their hearts.


  1. That is amazing!! May the Lord fill your ministry with more of these similar interactions in 2022!

  2. Praise God. I will be praying for H and A.

  3. Thanks for this! Questions are a great way to allow seekers to seek and find!

  4. will be praying

  5. Dear brothers & sisters,

    I did ask the Lord to work in the hearts of H & A, giving them courage to disobey the teachings of their home country.

    In the love of Jesus, Tim.

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