Prayer Point: Tearing Down Facades

As I watch the construction workers make this building look as though it is made of bricks, I think of the people here who put up their “facade” of being Christian. One young man just shared with us that he believes it’s all about the actions he does that counts—what people see of him, but admitted he did not truly have “faith” in God. Please pray with us that these facades of religiosity would be torn down, and true foundations of faith would be built in this land!


  1. I think this could be aid of anyone of us…we can talk the talk, but need full reliance on Jesus to walk the walk!

    Continue to be strong and tear down those facades ! Praying that you will be able to help people build on a solid foundation ~ Jesus, our Rock!

  2. Indeed! We, too, as Christians, need to be transparent in our lives & love for Christ! May others do the same!

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