Silly Mistakes

Just recently our city had its annual harvest festival. As I was walking around I found what I thought were shallots and got about a kilo of them. I was very excited because I love how shallots taste and there a few recipes that I have been wanting to make that call for them. About a week later, we had a local friend over to our house. At one point she went to our kitchen to do something but quickly returned with the bowl of “shallots” in her hands. She asked, “Why do you have these?!” That was when we quickly discovered that we must have made a mistake. What we thought were shallots were actually onions meant for planting. Many times we wonder what our local friends think of us when we do things like this, but somehow they still want to be friends with these crazy foreigners!


  1. Too cute. You should have seen my pecan pie. I put it in oven at 400 instead of 350 and set the timer. So sad!

  2. Thank you for these interesting emails so we know specifically how to pray. I know it is extra work.💖🙏🏻

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