Solid Foundations

When I moved into my flat, I was the first ever tenant. This flat was beautiful, modern and all I could ever hope for. It looked perfect and being the first tenant surely meant that everything should be solid. Fast forward to a few months ago: I noticed a crack in the ceiling of my beloved kitchen. Recently as I sat drinking coffee and looking at that crack, I came to an understanding. I’ve learned a lot about the local people and their attention to aesthetics: all about appearances. Our team uses the phrase, “saving face”, a telling phrase for the people here. This shows up not only in personal beauty, but in buildings and homes. They may be outwardly beautiful, but missing a solid foundation accomplished  through committed time and care. These dear people are hiding behind something that is fallible. They are holding onto something that will fail. Our team daily desires to break down these fronts and show them how to have a solid foundation in Christ, the only one who will not break, who will NEVER fail.


  1. Gladys & Robert Treichel

    October 25, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    Disappointing to have things that appear great not to be so great. Praying the crack will not get bigger or cause more problems! Like places that look great and may not be, what is on the outside and inside of people can be completely different. Praying you all are full of Christ and His love on the inside and outside!

  2. Can it be fixed easily….. that is the question! 😢

  3. Can it be fixed easily….. that is the question!

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