Strong Foundation of Values

At a recent Leadership Institute event, a local business leader shared about establishing a value-based business.  She shared about the importance of a good foundation and invited two attendees to try to build towers with different types of blocks. The builder on the left had rectangular foundation blocks to build a strong tower with, while the builder on the right had oddly shaped mismatched pieces.  When the oddly shaped pieces came crashing down, the illustration was clear: a business (or a life) that has a strong foundation of values is going to be more successful.  It has been really encouraging to see so many of our young students attend these Leadership Institute events and hear excellent teaching from professionals in a wide variety of fields.  


  1. Such a strong lesson with applications galore! May God continue to give you more of these life and spiritual lessons to share!

  2. Using the building blocks was very creative. What a great way to give insight into a powerful truth.

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