This morning during our devotional, we were reminded about the importance of living each day and not worrying about the past or the future.  God wants to to take this day and live it abundantly, embracing all there is to do and see today.

It seems like our time in the city, even in just the short few weeks we have been here, has had many reminders about this specific topic.  We buy a loaf of bread every day because it is a small enough size that it just about gets us through one day.  We both take language classes and the kids take their studies one day at a time as well because any more than that would be overwhelming.  We do one load of laundry completely before beginning another because there is only enough space on the clothesline for one load and it has to dry before we can put on the next, and that’s hoping it isn’t raining outside.  These are a few small examples that have been great reminders to us about the bigger picture of life.  It is enough to purpose to complete and enjoy what He has for