Fun Fact Friday: Tour Guides and Colorful Food

We have several students that are aspiring tour guides.  In this country, tourism is something that is really growing and will help boost the economy each year.  We love finding out where our students are experts and letting them lead us around!

Last week, one of our students took us out to a village that was in the middle of harvesting grapes – it was beautiful!  We had a delicious, rather gourmet lunch that was very special. This picture highlights the way salads are presented here. The red “roll” is a sweet red bell pepper with walnut and garlic paste inside, the tan “roll” is eggplant with the garlic and walnut inside and the green “ball” is spinach with walnut and garlic, finished with a pomegranate pod. This was one of many special excursions that our friends have taken us on, as they host us in this beautiful country!

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  1. Maybe we will come over for lunch, looks very interesting.

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