Update and Prayer: Ukraine

We’ve been receiving messages, emails, and texts asking if we are safe. Yes, we are fine here in GM, but our hearts are very heavy for Ukraine. Many of our friends here have family and friends there–it’s a difficult time as they wait for news.

What is happening in Ukraine is very real to the people here, because the same playbook was used in this place in 2008. If you aren’t aware, 20% of GM is currently occupied by the same aggressor, and there are border incidents almost every week here.

Please join us in praying for Peace in Ukraine, for the church there, for the people of that place, and for the leaders of the world.


  1. So sad 😞. I’m praying daily🙏😊

  2. Praying the God of the world would be working in hearts in both Ukraine and Russia. May all people respond in repentance and belief in Him. So glad you are well and safe. He is our Defender and Friend.

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