Visa Prayer Update

Thank you for praying! We wanted to let you know that we have had good news. While 3 families will still be returning to the US, two of them are leaving with return tickets for late January/early February. The third family is expected to have their return date set in the near future. What happened?

The only way for US citizens to enter GM currently is through two special permit programs that allow you to come to the border and then receive a new visa stamp (good for one year). The applications that the team submitted were approved in a day (we were anticipating 10 business days). Praise God!

Please pray for safe travel–for each family’s health and protection as they fly (leaving on the 21st, 27th, and 28th our time). Also, pray that one final document is approved for our team leader couple’s family–they expect a response on December 24. Thank you for lifting us up!


  1. SOOO Thankful for this incredible answer to prayer. I have heard people praying and I have been praying. Glory to God from whom all blessings flow!

  2. Robert and Gladys Treichel

    December 27, 2020 at 1:15 pm

    Keeping all your prayer requests in our prayers. Praying for safe travel for every one too.

  3. Norma Jueckstock

    December 24, 2020 at 8:14 pm

    Thank you our Father for answering prayer. We will continue to pray.

  4. That is VERY exciting news! So thankful for your team and for the folks you are reaching.

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