One morning this week, all five of us were out in front of our building waiting for their school bus to come pick our kids.  Our oldest son said, “I wish I could go back home.”  A bit on edge about being sensitive to him adjusting to life here, we asked him what he was missing that he needed.  I was hoping it would be something available here that we could get while he was at school.  He replied, “I wish I could have cereal.”  When we asked him what kind, he said, “the kind in our apartment.  I wish I could have had time to have another bowl of cereal before I had to go to school today.”  Here I was, jumping to the assumption that he was homesick, for Colorado, when he was referring to the apartment we have on the 11th floor as home!  This is a huge blessing.  We are very thankful that after all of the adjustments our family has made in the past month, this city is beginning to feel a bit like home.

– thoughts from a New Team Member